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One of Carl and Pat Krueger's Final and Proudest Accomplishments

The Key Allegro Yacht Club

Welcome to Key Allegro Yacht Club, a culinary gem nestled on the picturesque Key Allegro Island. The origins of our island paradise date back to 1961, when the visionaries behind its creation recognized the need for something extraordinary. In 1983, Carl and Pat Krueger, aficionados of travel and fine dining, fulfilled this vision by founding the Key Allegro Yacht Club— their ultimate legacy. Positioned majestically over Aransas Bay, the KAYC stands as the sole private restaurant and bar in the area, boasting an exquisite waterfront location that complements its upscale décor. Carl and Pat’s passion for exploration and culinary excellence is reflected in our diverse menu, which has been meticulously crafted through extensive research and love for fine dining. Every visit to the Key Allegro Yacht Club is an invitation to savor the finest cuisine, enjoy live entertainment, and become part of the rich tapestry that is the Key Allegro Island community and Rockport-Fulton.